Eco-Friendly Bags - What You Need to Know about Them

Eco-Friendly Bags - What You Need to Know about Them

Do you want to know a great way to go green even while you travel? Use a backpack made from bottles! That's right. If you're one of those who are trying to go green, purchasing an eco-friendly backpack is an excellent way to do so. They look just like any other bag, other than the fact that their material is made out of discarded PET bottles.

We're sure that you have plenty of questions in your mind, such as how PET bottles were used to produce a bag or why PET bottles are used in the first place. We'll tell you all about these in the following sections.

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Why use PET bottles?

The obvious reason for using PET bottles is that there is no need to process new materials to make a new bag. All that needs to be done is a little reprocessing of these bottles to be turned into textiles that can be used to create backpacks. At the same time, using PET bottles means that non-renewable resources are also being conserved, as well as cutting down CO2 emissions and water usage.

In other words, PET bottles are used because they are readily available. Turning them into different items, such as backpacks, help reduce plastic found in our oceans and landfills, and lowers the use of natural resources, both renewable and nonrenewable.

How are PET bottles processed into bags?

Well, here's the summarized version of the entire process.

The first step is to collect the bottles for processing, but how the bottles are collected varies. For example, some facilities might have services where bottles can be sent to, crushed, and then sent for further processing. Whatever the case may be, the bottles will be sent to factories that crush them into small pellets.

The second step is to melt these plastic bits to the point where they're malleable enough to be stretched into a thin thread. Finally, the melted PET bottles are turned into a thread which is wound for use to weave fabrics later. This fabric can also have color applied for design purposes, which are later cut up as textiles to be turned to other items, such as bags.

Bottle to bag process

Why should I buy a bag made from a bottle?

This world can only give so much to sustain our way of life, and we should do whatever it takes to conserve it as much of it as possible to help create a brighter future for everyone for the generations yet to come. While purchasing one bag might seem insignificant, it undoubtedly will go a long way. You also show that you support the company and their efforts to run a greener business. At the same time, you can wear a bag guilt-free, even proud knowing that the bag you own does not harm the earth in any way.

Wrapping up

Going green has been the trend in recent years, so don't be surprised if you find that many items are slowly being made from recycled items. While you might be hesitant to purchase an eco-friendly bag, keep in mind that there is no compromise in quality, let alone their utility. By going green and purchasing an eco-friendly bag, you show that you care about the earth, which everyone on this planet should participate in. In a world full of harmful activities that hurt Mother Nature, do yourself, and the world we live in, a favor and grab an eco-friendly bag.


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