Choosing Between a Briefcase or Backpack - Our Guide

At some point in their lives, working men arrive at a crossroads—should you go with bringing a briefcase or a backpack to work? As minor as it may sound, today in the 21st century, a man’s choice of accessories is very important. Just as you may be thinking long and hard about your shoe or tie choice, your bag choice should also take some serious consideration.

Backpacks and briefcases offer entirely different solutions to your object-carrying problems. You can’t just choose one over the other for some arbitrary reason; you need to know and understand when and where it would be appropriate to use one or the other.

All About the Backpack

Backpacks, also called rucksacks or knapsacks, is a cloth bag with two shoulder straps. This type of storage gear is ubiquitous for students, hikers, and even military and infantrymen. These are great for carrying heavier weight for longer periods because of the balanced support provided from the two straps on their make.

Generally, backpacks look very casual. Preschool children use backpacks designed with cartoon characters, and kids in high school and even college often use slouchy knapsacks to carry their books and other study materials.

But just because backpacks are generally associated with schoolchildren, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in a professional context. Laptop backpacks are utilitarian in style—often coming in dark, solid colors that will fit right into any office environment.

Solo New York’s line of laptop backpacks features various styles and functions that will help you stay organized no matter your profession or location. Whether you’re looking for a laptop backpack for travel or a slim backpack for everyday use, our sustainable products are the best choice for you!

Our Grand Travel TSA Backpack, in particular, is a perennial bestseller. This laid-back travel bag’s main compartment has a capacity of 30L—and it also contains a fully padded 17.3” laptop compartment! Its checkpoint-friendly design will allow you to pass through airport security faster. Perfect for the regular traveler, it’s also a great addition for the always mobile working professional.

All About the Briefcase

Classic briefcases are famously rectangular and flat, and usually in a solid black or brown color. The word “briefcase” is derived from its original use. Lawyers used these square bags to carry around the briefs they present in court.

Today, the modern briefcase is a staple in every office. It’s an accessory that demonstrates professionalism and high status. Many modern briefcases also have padded sections created to carry laptops and mobile devices safely.

In general, briefcases are associated with a very formal and professional aesthetic. They are usually made from leather and other expensive fabrics, so they are priced higher than the average working bags!

Solo New York’s briefcases are stylish, versatile, and affordable. Each briefcase includes compartments for your laptop, tablet, and your files. There are great options for school, travel, or work use, using different fabrics and designs that will surely fit your style.


At the end of the day, the choice between a backpack and a briefcase largely depends on your intended purpose and personal style. Modern designs for both types of bags are perfectly appropriate for office use.

If you prefer the balance that two straps will bring to your sore shoulders, then a sturdy travel backpack will be an excellent choice for you. If you like the professional aesthetic that a modern briefcase gives you, classic leather designs also have compartments for your laptop and mobile devices.

If you’re on the market for a fresh new bag to bring to your office every day, Solo NY has everything you need. We have dozens of options for you in whatever style or configuration you can think of. Visit our online store and get your new bag today!

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