Art has always been a way for Alison Matute to express feelings. Since she first picked up a pencil at the age of 6, it was a way for her to communicate with the world without words, and through it she realized that nonverbal behavior was a more intimate way for us to connect with each other.

Not ones to sit still, the Zukies are always finding new ways to express themselves. Whether it’s graffiti collabs, DIY Plaster Zukies, plush toys, and limited-edition projects displayed at shows and charity events, they enjoy surprising and delighting fans with unique and inventive displays.

Enter her transformation to the contemporary artist and muralist Miss Zukie. Creator of the loveable and quirky Zukies, she imagined up a character who could build a bond with us and convey their emotions through facial expressions, colors thought bubbles, and a marvelous amount of rainbows.

We worked with Miss Zukie to create 12 unique backpacks
to celebrate the launch of our Line up backpack