Zoe Schwartz is a self-taught artist who got her start at a very young age—and by very young, we mean just that, because she was two years old. She credits her mother’s encouragement to let her mind wander and her paintbrush tell her stories for what she does and loves today.

For Zoe, life needs to be spent going after what you want without compromising your dreams. Her life’s outlook and attitude blends to perfection with the empire state of mind needed to conquer the city she calls home, New York.

In the past, she thought perfection was the goal, but throughout the process she’s learned perfection is actually the obstacle to producing her work. Embracing life as beautiful, diverse, and imperfect as it is, it’s allowing her to find her voice and figure out what she’s good at.

This conclusion has led her to enjoy and appreciate the moments, the places, and the many canvases—no matter the form: a paper napkin, a wall, or an actual canvas—life offers at the moment the muse of inspiration strikes her. So, as Zoe puts it in a remixed version of the barrowed words of Chuck Close, “I am an artist, therefore, I will make art.”

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