Trees are powerful. They sustain us, but also are a part of us. They are the life force of our planet; cleaning our air, providing homes to wildlife and combating climate change.

To show our commitment to the planet and help restore our life giving forests, we’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation to help reforest the U.S. National Forests. We believe these lands, and all they provide are an American treasure, and are vital to the health of our communities.

Working on behalf of the American public, the National Forest Foundation leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation.

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Small actions can add up to big changes. To honor our part and take a step towards healing our planet, we’ve been giving plastic bottles a second life as backpacks.

If you join us and take the pledge to say no to plastic bottles for the next 30 days, we’ll plant a tree in your name through the National Forest Foundation.


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Recycled Collection


At Solo New York, we are using our voice, and now our business to do better. Each day, we imagine the possibilities of a better world—then set out to do our part in making it.

The Re:Cycled Collection is one of the big steps we are taking to help save our Planet. Designed to make green choices accessible to the masses, our sustainable bags are made from recycled plastic PET bottles. All our tags, strings, and stuffing are made from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials.

Designed in urban-cool gray, our sleek collection is built with city-functionality and uncompromising style in mind. Here’s to putting a little weight of the world on our shoulders, and saving the Earth one recycled backpack at a time.

"Our passion to create stylish bags intersect with our passion for the environment."

-Solo New York