What You Need to Know about PET Plastic Usage Today - Our Guide

What You Need to Know about PET Plastic Usage Today - Our Guide

If you have never heard of PET plastics, they're a common plastic used to create safe storage for water. The next time you go out and purchase a plastic bottle of water, check the number on the labeling. If it shows "1," then you know that it's made out polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short.

Are you interested in learning about PET plastics? Then keep on reading to find out more!

The Invention of PET Plastics

PET plastics were first patented back in 1941 by employees of the Calico Printers Association, with two of the most prominent names being John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson. The PET bottle, however, was only invented thirty years later by Nathaniel Wyeth.

The Characteristics of PET plastics

There are a few defining characteristics of PET plastics that make it stand apart from other more common types of plastics.

First, it can be easily molded and shaped in a machine then dried to harden. Second, it is much more durable and flexible when compared to other plastics, meaning that PET plastics are strong and versatile. Third, it is highly useful in various applications due to its low friction coefficient. Fourth, and perhaps the main reason it is used for plastic water bottles, is that it doesn't leak any dangerous chemical into any food or drink that's stored inside.

All these reasons combined make for highly durable plastic food containers and water bottles that are easy to use and reliable.

PET Plastics Today

PET plastics are used in a myriad of applications today. The most apparent way it is being utilized for consumers is that they're made into bottles and other plastic food containers. From peanut butter jars to frozen food packaging, they're found nearly everywhere in the food industry.

Another way PET plastic is used is to contain cosmetic items. Thanks to its moldability, these plastics can be shaped and then hardened to hold cosmetic products. Household cleaners and chemicals are also stored in PET plastics to ensure that no extra chemicals are leaked into the solution.

Recycling PET Plastics

Recycled PET plastics are known as RPET plastics and are one of the hottest topics to date. With houses pumping out over forty pounds of plastic annually, it is no surprise that people are looking for a myriad of ways to reduce plastic usage and wastage.

Many companies have figured out how to use RPETs. For example, these plastics can be implemented in fabrics to create various types of wear, such as t-shirts and bags. Carpeting is also another application in which RPET plastics are used in, as well as jackets and coats. For industrial uses, these plastics are integrated into many products. For example, when it comes to the automobile industry, RPET plastics are used in creating bumpers and many other items.


While PET has been one of the greatest achievements in recent years, it certainly has been destructive due to misuse. That said, we're doing our part in helping recycling PET plastics, and you can help us! Purchase one of Solo NY’s bags from the Re:cycled Collection, and you've done yourself and the world a favor by using an eco-friendly bag. Plus, you don't compromise on quality at all, so you can still enjoy the best of the backpack world!

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