How to Keep a Tidy Bag:  A Guide for Commuters

How to Keep a Tidy Bag: A Guide for Commuters

Organizing your bag might seem like a tedious task, especially if you’re someone who is always on the go. Why would you waste your time putting things in designated areas when you can just get a roomy bag and stuff everything in it? While it might make sense to you now, the truth is that getting a small, organized bag is actually much more efficient.


This is especially true if you have your organization system down to a T. You will pack and retrieve your things faster if you know exactly where everything is inside your bag. If you want to improve how you organize your bag, we have a few suggestions:

Have a bag for
every situation

Your bag should not be a catch-all for your items. As much as possible, have a different bag for different purposes. This means separate bags for work, gym, and recreation. Your bag’s purpose also dictates how big it should be. A compact, portable backpack like the Austin Hybrid Tote is perfect for office workers who need to use public transportation.

If your lifestyle dictates that you stay as agile as possible, moving quickly from work to gym to weekend getaway, get a bag that transitions between these different venues easily. Something like the Work to Play Hybrid Backpack is both stylish and spacious, which means you can take it from workday to weekend smoothly and stylishly.

Outside the bag,
prioritize security

Bags are among the first things that attract thieves and robbers, so it is important to secure your belongings. The Highpass Hybrid Briefcase Backpack is a good choice for people who must travel through densely populated areas. If you need to be on high alert on your way to work, you can convert it into a briefcase and use the shoulder strap to keep it close.


You should also refrain from filling the external pockets. Keep your cell phone, wallet, cards and other valuables inside your bag or on your person. The Notch Briefcase, with its front organization pocket and buckle closures, are made especially with the commuter in mind.

Inside the bag,
prioritize compartments

Inside your bag, you must have zones for different items. Use insert organizers to keep your belongings in their areas. For example, if you are commuting to work, have separate spaces in your bag for work-related items, commute-related items, and personal items. A bag insert or a bag organizer can prevent the personal items from mixing with the ones for work.


This system helps you avoid the embarrassing situation of having to stand in front of a terminal, rummaging for your metro card, or of you needing to root through your bag for the one pen you bring to work. Aside from inserts, you can also use cord organizers to help you wrangle your charger or USB cables into place.


Of course, protecting your valuables is a must when traveling. You will be jostled around during a commute. Some days will have you fighting for space on a train, or running to the next bus stop so you aren’t late for work. Use protective cases or tablet bags to keep your gadgets safe in these instances.


Keeping an organized bag is not just about being neat and tidy. When you know exactly where your things are in your bag —especially during a commute — you lessen the risk of damaging or losing your belongings.


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