Green Fashion: Why Sustainable Fashion is Here to Stay

Green Fashion: Why Sustainable Fashion is Here to Stay

The fashion industry moves rapidly, producing fabrics one moment then selling them in a retail store in what seems like the very next second. The age of influencers, e-commerce, and the addictive drive to consume fast fashion has created a demand in clothing, the likes of which have never been seen. This also means an unprecedented amount of textile wastes, with about 92 million tons produced yearly.

In light of this overwhelming level of fashion consumption, a more sustainable movement has steadily made its presence known. More people hear about the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle, including sustainable fashion. While many believe that these are good for the environment and the economy, not everybody knows the specific benefits it can bring. Here are a few reasons why sustainable fashion is here to stay and how it can benefit you.

Green Fashion Lasts Longer

Choosing to buy clothes and accessories made from organic, renewable materials is the least toxic way to shop. However, it doesn’t stop with simply choosing better materials; how you dress also plays a big part in contributing to sustainable fashion. Choosing classic pieces such as a crisp, white, button-down shirt and a modern briefcase to pair it with can take you through different fashion seasons and can be appropriate for many events. Invest in clothing items that come in classic colors and chic silhouettes that you can wear for many years to come.

By making a conscious effort to choose versatile pieces, you are effectively buying less clothing since you can mix and match more easily with your current wardrobe. Stocking up on unnecessary fashion items that are only good for one season anyway just isn’t enough, even if they are made with as little waste as possible.

It's Good for the Earth

Fast fashion has a huge environmental impact due to the leached chemical dyes, the pesticides on cotton farms, the energy needed to produce each piece of clothing, and more. For example, to produce just one t-shirt, cotton requires a third of a pound of chemicals. Considering how many t-shirts people typically own, one can already imagine the amount of chemicals needed to supply the clothing items being sold in malls, outlet stores, and shops all around the country.

Going with organic or sustainable fabrics such as hemp or bamboo can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Not only will it protect the environment, but it will also reduce how much pollutants that you inhale as a result.

It Benefits People

Sustainability doesn’t just mean lowering the greenhouse gases emitted by factories producing clothing or being healthier as a consequence. Buying clothes with labels under the Fair Trade Act takes your sustainability action to a different level. Such clothing items are guaranteed to be made under safe working conditions with the person making it earning a fair wage and sweatshop-free. Unfortunately, the rest of the fashion industry is rife with questionable labor practices and unhealthy cost-cutting. Choosing sustainable clothing is also choosing better lives for people who helped create your clothing.

Animals are Safer

There’s something about leather pieces, especially when you see them make a debut on the runway. However, most people going into sustainable fashion opt to ditch the leather and wear other alternatives. Cruelty-free doesn’t just pertain to the cosmetics industry but is very much applicable to fashion where animal fur, skin, and ivory are used to make exotic pieces.

Starting small is key here. Consider replacing your leather messenger bag with one made from sustainable materials, or perhaps even your wallet. Soon you’ll get into the habit of making more sustainable choices the more conscious you become.


Sustainable fashion isn’t about giving up all your favorites for crocheted bags and sandals made of burlap. There are beautiful, modern-day pieces that are just as fashionable as big-name brands that dominate the industry, sans the carbon footprint and ethical implications. Finding sustainable fashion brands might take a little more research, but it’s worth the few extra minutes of searching than contributing to more waste. From sustainable packaging to earth-friendly fibers, the only way to go in fashion now is undoubtedly green.

At Solo, we believe in giving back what we take to the Earth. We produce products that play a significant part in providing a solution to climate change while doing business with conscience, heart, and care. Whether you’re looking for the best environmentally-friendly backpacks in NY or a fashionable yet sustainably sourced tote, reduce your carbon footprint and shop our products today!

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