7 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Bags & Switch to Eco-Friendly Options - What to Know

7 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Bags & Switch to Eco-Friendly Options - What to Know

In this article, we’ll be comparing the differences between plastic bags and ones that are made of environmentally-friendly materials. More specifically, we’ll go over three negative aspects of plastic bags, and four positive effects of eco-friendly bags to give you seven solid reasons to make the switch. Let’s begin.

Why plastic bags are a poor choice

First, let’s go over why plastic bags are not ideal for the environment.

1. Plastic bags are toxic to the environment. When discarded plastic bags are left out in the sun, they release toxic substances into the environment. These harmful chemicals can contaminate surrounding soil and water, and eventually the food that we eat. Moreover, plastic waste can have devastating effects on wildlife that are not necessarily aware of its dangers.

2. Plastic bags never fully decompose. Unlike what some might claim, plastic does not fully breakdown even after hundreds of years. A plastic bag might get torn up into tiny pieces in this time period, but it will still be there as the components are not biodegradable.

3. Plastic bags require unsustainable amounts of resources to make. It takes an incredible amount of natural resources to sustain the world’s appetite for plastic. In the US alone, 12 million barrels of oil are used every year just to meet the country’s need for plastic bags.

With so many reasons to ditch plastic bags, it’s no wonder that an ever growing number of cities and countries are banning its use today. For a more environmentally-sound method of carrying your stuff around, switch to more sustainable materials that do not pose the same dangers as plastic.

The benefits provided by eco-friendly bags

Next, let’s go over why bags that are made of environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials are a much better choice.

1. They last longer. Eco-friendly bags are designed to be used multiple times over many years. This means that a single bag made of sustainable materials can be equivalent to hundreds, if not thousands, of plastic bags.

2. They serve a number of practical purposes. Eco-friendly bags are typically shaped as totes that are similar in use as most plastic bags. However, they’re also available in virtually any design - such as a backpack or duffel bag - which makes them practical for any activity or occasion.


 3. They can have a negative carbon footprint. Some sustainable bags recycle existing plastic waste to actually remove them from the environment. When you purchase a bag from brands that do this, you are actually contributing to the cleanup of our planet.

4. They can encourage other people to join the cause. We all have our parts to play in protecting the environment, and using an eco-friendly bag can remind others of this truth. Not only that, some eco-friendly bags are both stylish and affordable, making it easy for everyone to make the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Wrapping up

As you can see, there’s really no good reason for you to continue using plastic bags. The dangers they pose to our planet’s future shouldn’t be ignored, and more environmentally-friendly alternatives are widely available today. If you want to do your part in conserving the planet, go for bags that are either made from biodegradable materials or 100 percent recycled waste.


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