5 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Perfect Laptop Bag

5 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Perfect Laptop Bag

Laptops have become a necessity for many people, whether you are a businessman, an employee, or a student. You probably cannot live without it. You bring your laptop everywhere you go, staying productive on the move. What better way to assist you in carrying your laptop around than with a laptop bag?

With so many kinds of laptop bags out there, it can get a little overwhelming to find the right bag that has all the features and functions that fit your needs. However, there is one thing you can do to make the process much easier, and that's by considering these questions.

1. How big is my laptop?

Probably the most critical question you'll have to answer how big your laptop is. The last thing you want to deal with is a laptop bag that's too small to fit your computer, which beats its intended purpose. At the same time, you wouldn't necessarily want to buy a laptop bag that's way too big for your laptop either, as that will cause the device to wiggle and possibly damage itself when carried around.

2. Do I need the bag to be weatherproof?

The main weather you're going to have to worry about is rain. Even if you have no intention of walking in the open rain with your bag on, you'll never know if you get caught out without an umbrella. You can opt for a laptop bag that's weatherproof (or at the very least, waterproof) to keep your more expensive investment safe.

Storm Slim Brief with Water Repellent Coated Fabric

3. How often am I using the bag?

The more you carry around the bag, the faster it is going to wear down. If you barely carry your bag around—once or twice a week—you don't necessarily have to opt for durable materials. If you find that you're bringing the bag around daily through different places where your bag is going to be bumped and moved around often, such as the subway, you should opt for a more durable bag.

altitude durable laptop backpack made with parachute nylon

4. Am I carrying any extra things with me?

More often than not, you're going to be carrying more than just a bag. For example, if you're a student, you might be bringing books, a water bottle, or other stuff. If you're a techie, you might be bringing around other devices as well, including extra batteries, a portable console, and more.

Figure out what you will be carrying along with your bag, and that will serve as a foundation for helping you decide how big the laptop bag is going to be. The less the things you're going to carry, the slimmer it can be. If you want to play it safe, look for something that will fit all your stuff with a bit of room to spare, in case you have to bring something extra.

5. How long am I going to wear the bag?

One of the most critical factors you'll have to consider is the comfortability of the bag—ergonomic design, padding, and the likes. You don't want to find your back or shoulders aching after only a few minutes of lugging your laptop around. With that said, if you know you're going to wear the bag for more than ten minutes, try to prioritize comfort, especially if the things you'll carry are not exactly considered light.


Try your best to answer these questions and rank them by priority. With that, coupled with looking for bags specifically labeled "for laptops," you give yourself the best chance at finding the perfect laptop bag for you.

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