5 Essential Considerations in Choosing a Travel Daypack

5 Essential Considerations in Choosing a Travel Daypack

Whether for a short trip or a lengthy adventure, you will need to arrange your items in a durable travel suitcase. You can carry just one bag and place all of your items inside or have your essentials on a separate carry-on bag along with the checked baggage. Whichever method you prefer, it's challenging to bring one massive bag from one destination to another. This is where travel daypacks come into the picture. 

What's a travel daypack?

A daypack is a relatively small backpack with a capacity ranging from 10 to 25 liters. It serves as a smaller bag while traveling to avoid carrying your luggage everywhere. Daypacks can address various needs, and it's important to know the functions of your bag.

You must consider whether or not the daypack is spacious enough to carry gadgets. Perhaps you want a bag of minimal weight to bring your essentials whenever you travel. Likewise, some travelers look for flexible backpacks that can convert from small-size bags to big ones and feature several divisions that allow for organization.

While the needs differ from one trip to another, here are essential considerations in choosing the best travel daypacks for your needs.

1. Durability and weight

While most travelers prefer lightweight daypacks, the more durable ones tend to be heavier because it can support more items. Lighter daypacks can only carry so much material before breaking down, but this won't be a problem if you're doing informal activities. Meanwhile, go for daypacks that are made of nylon if you want to bring more materials when visiting places with rugged terrains.

2. Size

The daypack's size depends on the essentials you must carry for the day. A smaller bag is enough for make-up, wallet, phone, and camera. However, the same bag may not be enough if you're carrying supplies like food, water bottles, and other hiking essentials.

Ideally, find a daypack that is compact for various transport options to make yourself comfortable while roaming around. Daypacks that can convert into a pouch or lay flat in your luggage are ideal for compact packing.

3. Comfort

Since you will be carrying the daypack wherever you go, it must be comfortable, depending on the load you placed in it. You want more built-in comfort while carrying a heavier weight, especially if you're carrying it at your back for long periods.

A daypack with a ventilated back panel, a sternum strap, and a comfortable harness will help make hiking with a heavy load easier and more stable. On the other hand, you can get away with a less convenient but lightweight daypacks for a casual day of sightseeing and traveling to tourist destinations.

4. Aesthetics

The purpose of your trip will help determine the aesthetics you need in a daypack. If you are going for a formal business trip, subdued colors like black or gray will be an ideal choice. Meanwhile, avoid bright colors and prominent branding if you don't want extra attention. If you want to stay on the safe side, choose a daypack with a fabric that can transition between urban and outdoor environments at the same time.


5. Versatility

Will you be staying mostly in urban environments or outdoor terrain? Determine where you will be bringing the daypack and what you will carry in it before choosing one that best fits you. If you can't find that daypack, buy one that gets the job done while being comfortable for everyday use.


Hybrid backpacks are thoughtfully crafted for the individual who is always on-the-go. Features include premium materials, thought out organization compartments and, most importantly, an ease to convert from backpack to briefcase or duffel. Whether you are in need of a briefcase or duffel that doubles as a backpack, we've got your back.


The daypack that you select must be able to carry all your essentials. As long as it does that, you will be able to travel comfortably. If you’re looking for a travel backpack to meet your needs, check out all of the backpacks we have to offer.


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