4 Qualities to Look out for When Buying a Leather Briefcase - Our Guide

4 Qualities to Look out for When Buying a Leather Briefcase - Our Guide

Buying a leather briefcase is one of the most significant milestones that any professional will ever experience in their lifetime. It symbolizes a time of self-investment, growth, and a new stage in life wherein business has improved, and opportunities are abundant.

While it may be easy to understand why it’s worth getting a leather briefcase in the first place, knowing what option to choose is another experience within itself. With thousands of different options to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially if your budget accommodates even more options. Fortunately, finding your dream leather briefcase isn’t as impossible as you might expect with the help of a quick checklist.

To make the entire process of choosing a leather briefcase that will best suit you, let’s go over every quality that you should look out for in greater detail:

1. The quality of the briefcase’s leather

It is important to check the quality of the leather that the manufacturer used in the making of your briefcase of choice. While there may be many different types of leather briefcases to choose from, a good rule of thumb is to always go for an option that has high-quality leather.

This is primarily because higher-end leather always improves with age, which means that you’ll have a trusty option that you can never get bored of because it grows more attractive down the line. As the briefcase ages, high-quality leather allows it to change in terms of structure and finish while developing a highly-attractive patina that also stays as flexible, durable, and fragrant as the material itself.

Warren Leather Briefcase - Solo New York

2. The type of material used in the briefcase’s other components

Before you settle on a particular leather briefcase, it is vital to look at the handle, shoulder strap fittings, zippers, locks, buckles, and metallic rings as well.  

Aside from the large body of the leather itself, it is also important to inspect the materials of a briefcase’s materials as they not only affect the option’s price but its overall appearance and durability as well. It is also vital to inspect a leather briefcase’s hardware because every piece will eventually experience wear and tear from heavy daily use.

Shorewood Leather Briefcase - Solo New York

3. The number and size of the briefcase’s compartments

Keep in mind that you’re buying a leather briefcase so that you can store any essential items while doing your daily tasks as work. Generally, today’s modern leather briefcase options come with all sorts of flexible and spacious compartments that can be used to store important items, such as notebooks, pens, briefcases, calculators, and even a flask! When choosing a leather briefcase that suits your needs, consider what you’ll need to carry in it so that you’ll end up with an option that you won’t have to struggle with every day.

Warren Leather Briefcase - Solo New York

4. The size and weight of the briefcase

When selecting the right size and weight for a leather briefcase, it is essential to understand that they will play a significant role in the overall experience that you’ll have with the bag itself. Take your own frame and size into account when choosing a leather briefcase so that you won’t end up with a briefcase that doesn't suit your size.

Final words

Selecting the perfect leather briefcase that suits your tastes, preferences, needs, and drive for success can be done easily when you consider the right factors during the selection process. By taking the four factors mentioned in this list article, you’ll end up with your dream briefcase in no time!


If you’re looking for a leather briefcase, check out our collection today to choose one that will suit you.

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