3 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Laptop Backpack

3 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Laptop Backpack

What do digital nomads, tech buffs, millionaire entrepreneurs, hardcore travelers, and students have in common? Here’s the answer: they all have a laptop bag that they can depend on and travel with.

For anyone who hauls a laptop everywhere, traveling like a pro is an utmost necessity because of the sheer amount of protection the device itself needs when moving around every day.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a million-dollar deal in the Bahamas or you’re meeting with your co-founders at Starbucks, it’s essential that you carry a dependable laptop bag. Although a case of mishandling may not be as avoidable in the long run as you may want, carrying it with a dependable bag can definitely make all the difference in your carrying experience.


What to look for:


Make sure your backpack is water-resistant and has full-perimeter zips

Out of all the different functions that you could possibly need in a laptop bag, there’s nothing more essential to have than water-resistance and full-perimeter zippers.

Given the hazards of moving around every day, your bag and the piece of technology it contains can face many risks, such as rainfall, theft, or humidity. With the help of a bag that keeps its insides dry and secure, however, you’ll be able to keep your device safe and sound while having a bag that still looks like new after a deep clean!

Always go for an option
with a laptop compartment

If you put a camera inside a regular backpack, stuffed your laptop inside, and walked around, you’d be surprised at how much your gadget moves and shifts in a day. This makes it important to go for a bag that has a sleeve you can use to keep your piece of tech in place.

Laptop sleeves may not seem like a highly advanced material, but they can save you lots of money on potential damage repairs, cracks, and scratches that may come about while moving. Another key advantage of having a special sleeve is that you won’t have to fumble around your bag to find it when you bring it out since it’ll always remain in a specific area!



Get an option that's
comfortable to wear

At the end of the day, a laptop backpack is supposed to keep your device safe while being convenient to use. If it’s not comfortable to use, then it’s definitely stumbling in the latter criteria.

When you buy a laptop backpack, it’s important to at least wear it once with your laptop inside to see how it feels on your back as you move around. On the other hand, if you’re buying it from an online shop—such as Solo NY—then it’s best to search for past customer reviews on how comfortable a particular model was to use!

Generally, the best laptop backpacks that are comfortable to use must be able to distribute the weight of their load evenly between your shoulders and lower back while having a good amount of padding! Also bonus points for it being a checkpoint-friendly bag!


Getting the right backpack to protect your valuable gadget is an essential investment that you should make if you want to protect your laptop while looking stylish and staying comfortable at the same time. By following the three tips mentioned above, you can end up with an option that best suits your needs and is well worth every single penny that you spend!

Looking to invest in a dependable laptop backpack that has everything you’ve ever wanted in a bag? What about a laptop checkpoint-friendly bag? Check out our wide range of options today at Solo NY to find the best option for you!

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