3 Tips in Matching a Leather Briefcase to Your Outfit

3 Tips in Matching a Leather Briefcase to Your Outfit

A leather briefcase is a prime component of any business attire for men. It adds an accent that creates an air of professionalism, while also staying mobile and on-the-go. Just because a leather briefcase keeps your look formal, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce some fun colors to your getup.

Dressing for the occasion

The simple addition of a leather briefcase can definitely complicate an attire on whether it should follow strict rules or try to be inventive, but creating a great look never comes easy. Fashionable gentlemen who know how to work their way around leather can make it a versatile accessory that ranges from business-meeting formal to summer picnic casual.

In this article, we will share with you three practical tips on how to match your leather briefcase with your attire:

1. Knowing the rules

One must first know how to dress formally before they can attempt to reinvent it. When you look at any attire, you will realize that it’s the shoes that define the tone and direction of an outfit. Wearing leather has always been associated with formal occasions, so it can be challenging to work your way around making a look that doesn’t look ‘too formal’ with the amount of limited color in the palette that you have on.

In the same way that jewelry needs to match with similar material, it’s vital that you follow the same shade of leather for consistency. A brown leather briefcase should also match––if not by the material, then by color––your accessories, from your belt to your iPad cases to your eyewear’s frame.

2. Break the rules

Wearing leather formally in a uniformed theme is one way to match your leather briefcase, but there are other ways to introduce fun to your look besides choosing similarity as a theme. In creating your own outfit, it’s essential to know what works for others. More importantly, however, you must have an idea of how to separate yourself from everyone else’s taste.

It’s important to note that black isn’t the only shade of leather that you can work with. You can also look for neutral and pastel colors to match appropriately with your blacks, blues, and browns.

3. Set your boundaries

A classic leather bag can either blend into a fully-formal attire or be a standout piece in an inventive combination. Don’t feel afraid to try out different combinations as you can find an unexpectedly unique lineup of shirt, slacks, and shoes to fit your personality. Introduce rings and other accessories that can make the shine of leather pop with your whole look.

Whether you’re attending a business meeting or in a semi-formal night out with friends, matching leather with your outfit is a matter of not feeling uneasy in trying new things. Unless you’re going to an official meeting with a strict dress code, it’s important to give yourself the freedom to mix and match depending on your preferences in what keeps you comfortable.


Including leather in your look shouldn’t be a deciding factor in how you should dress according to the rest of your clothing. Creating your own outfit is a matter of understanding what you’re comfortable with and matching it with the accessories that match your personality.

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