3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Backpack Companion This 2020 - What to Know

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Backpack Companion This 2020 - What to Know

Unlike shoulder bags that can potentially give you back pains and “man purses” that make you look funny, backpacks combine both prime aesthetic form, functionality, and comfort in one sleek and complete appearance.

For decades, backpacks have been depended on by students, up-and-coming billionaires, and stylish professionals for hassle-free luggage experiences that pair up well with most outfits. Aside from being as stylish as can be (such as the Reade Leather Laptop Backpack), backpacks are also simple to use.

As amazing as they can be for anyone who needs a dependable piece of luggage, however, choosing the wrong one can easily lead to a bad experience that is painful, is not as convenient, and simply does not look good.

Fortunately, picking the right backpack doesn’t have to be a “pick two, sacrifice one” situation between comfort, style, and convenience as long as you know what to look for. If you’re in the market for a perfect backpack to be your companion that can easily cater to all your carrying, convenience, and style needs, here are three tips you should consider

1. Get a backpack that’s easy to pick up and bring around

One of the easiest ways that anyone can end up hurting themselves when using a backpack is that they get an option that’s hard to pick up properly in the easiest way. No matter how great a backpack may look, getting the wrong-sized choice will inevitably lead to some problems right away that can lead to back pain, problematic spines, and strained muscles. To make your life much painless when using your backpack, it’s best to go for an option that can properly distribute the weight of your items inside while still being easy to pick up.

(Our recommendation:  The A/D Backpack — easy to carry and evenly distributes weight)

A/D Backpack - Solo New York

2. Go for an option that’s big enough to hold all your items in place

Speaking of backpack sizes and weight distribution, did you know that backpacks come in different sizes because a person’s needs easily vary depending on how much they need to bring every day?

For example, if you’re an on-the-go worker that jumps from coffee shop to coffee shop with no more than a laptop and a notebook, then it’s ideal to go for a laptop bag-backpack hybrid like the Duane Hybrid Briefcase Backpack. On the other hand, if you usually have a packed daily inventory and need to bring lots of things, then you’re better off with a backpack that comes with a ton of space and lots of pockets, such as the Cameron Canvas Roll Top.

Duane Hybrid Briefcase Backpack
Cameron Waxed Canvas Roll Top Backpack

3. Invest in a backpack that suits your tastes and makes you feel good

At the end of the day, a backpack can never really feel as good as it should be if you’re not enjoying how it looks or aren’t feeling it’s entire appearance all-in-all. Getting a quality backpack is a move that calls for a big investment because you’ll essentially be using it almost every day of the week.

(Our recommendation:  The Magnitude Backpack — looks amazing, feels even better every moment you spend wearing it)

Magnitude Backpack - Solo New York

Final words

Choosing the right backpack to suit your needs and preferences is a great way to ensure that you’ll be sticking with an option that is comfortable and enjoyable with every use. If you’re in the market for a high-quality backpack that’s bound to be the perfect companion anywhere you go, then browse through our wide range of options by clicking here!

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