3 Qualities to Look for When Buying the Perfect Briefcase

3 Qualities to Look for When Buying the Perfect Briefcase

Any modern working professional must always bring all the essentials they need to survive a hard day’s work. You got your phone, laptop, wallet, grooming supplies, and a handy notebook all tucked away inside your bag. Some people like to bring a backpack, a purse, or even a duffel bag to work. But all those carry-ons pale in comparison to the quintessential working person’s bag—the humble briefcase.

A briefcase offers the perfect balance between utility and style that other bag types don’t always provide. Many would think of those heavy leather cases traditionally shown in media—but today, briefcases come in all shapes and sizes. It’s only a matter of finding the right one for your needs!

Things to Look for in a Briefcase:

1. Style and Apperance

A briefcase’s job is to set you apart from the herd and make you look good and sophisticated.

When choosing a style, you need to match the environment you’re in. The type of work that you do mostly dictates the kind of bag that’s appropriate for you to bring. The prevailing style may change from time to time, but all of them are very much appropriate for any office setting.

Hard-Sided Briefcases - They feature a rigid frame made of either plastic, aluminum, or sturdy cardboard. Most hard-sided cases have dividers and folder enclosures to keep items inside neatly organized. A unique feature of this style is it needs to rest on its side to open it. Don’t expect any shoulder straps from hard-sided briefcases.

Soft-Sided Briefcases - This style carries no solid framing and can be easily opened from the top whenever you need to retrieve something. Lighter loads allow it to collapse and make the bag look flatter. If you prefer having shoulder straps as an option, then soft-sided briefcases are a better choice for you.

Attache Cases - These are similar to hard-sided briefcases but are much smaller and slimmer in size. It’s a more formal and traditional look with simpler interiors that are primarily designed to carry documents and small items.


Probably the most common material for briefcases, leather offers versatility and just enough durability for regular everyday use. If you prioritize durability, then full-grain or top-grain leather works best for you. For a more classic look, genuine leather is a better option, but it’s not as durable as the other two leather types. Our Warren leather briefcase has a full-grain body sporting a warm neutral color that gives it a classy look.


Vinyl briefcases offer a cool but refined look that’s perfect for the business-savvy individual. They offer enough protection for all your items while still being lightweight and sturdy.


This is a more modern approach to the briefcase line of bags—very much like our Storm slim brief that’s perfect for urban duty.

Capacity and Size

Whatever items you plan to carry with you at work, they need to fit your briefcase perfectly. A bulky briefcase doesn’t always look flattering, so you need to choose the right size according to your needs.


A slim briefcase can still be manageable to fit an average-sized laptop and other lightweight items. They offer a more sleek and sophisticated look but not much room to carry your gear.


They offer much more space to carry your laptop, ledgers, record books, and documents. A standard briefcase provides greater storage capacity—but it can start to get unwieldy if you put too much inside it.


They have the biggest storage potential but can be quite cumbersome to carry around. These are not recommended for everyday use in the office.


A briefcase is considered an essential piece of equipment for the modern working man. It offers just the right amount of style, accessibility, and functionality to fulfill your needs. Finding the perfect briefcase is a lifelong investment that will accompany you throughout your career.

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