Here's to the 90's

We played outside. Passed notes. Tied plaid shirts around our waists but never wore them. We were mall rats, Blockbuster kids and mixed tapes were a form of love and friendship. On Fridays, we hung out with Cory and Topanga, Urkel and the Step by Step gang. We relied on good ’ole human interaction to make friends of both the regular and romantic type.

It was a one-of-a-kind decade, and so we’ve captured the nostalgia from our favorite years with this one-of-a-kind limited edition bag. Join Solo New York as we celebrate a decade that transformed music, fashion, technology and culture, but also transformed us.


Duane 90s Edition

Gotta bounce? Go from briefcase to backpack faster than a slap bracelet.

Take a chill pill, laptop is totally safe in a padded 15.6" compartment.

Internal pocket for CD player or super sweet flat mini computer (aka tablet).

A large front pocket with organizer for every-color pens and white-out.

Booyah! Two front quick access pockets.

Padded carry handles with totally dope magnetic snaps.

Non-adjustable shoulder strap. PSYCH! Totally adjustable, and removable.

Plain backpack straps? As if. These have padding for extra comfort.


Everything comes back around, and as phones grow in size we know the OG Zach Morris Brick will be in style again soon.


Popular on the pager? Pack up and skate away in seconds with easy organizational pockets and zippers for your Trapper Keeper, mixed tapes and Game Boy Color.


“Oh, snap! That bag is da bomb dot com” compliments come included.


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