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Adios, beaches! If this giftee isn’t on their way to the next adventure, they are in planning mode. It doesn’t matter if it’s an international jaunt or exploring their home city—their eyes gleam with the anticipation of the journey ahead.


Rain or shine, breakfast on the go or $1 oyster happy hours, they are are always on the move and never cease to look polished—even while racing for the train.

Their brains may be heavy with knowledge but their steps are light as they head wide eyed towards their future—and packed with tech and energy drinks to help battle the next cram session and defeat impending exams.

The meetings don’t start until they walk in—and if they aren’t in the C-Suite yet, that’s where they are aiming to be. Never has their shirt been bespeckled with a crumb and their mobile email signature won’t apologize for typos because they are always on a roll and on the ball.

These friends lift more than their morning cup of coffee. They are often confused with a “bag lady” due to the amount of luggage they seem to carry, and at times you wonder if they’ve ever been to a happy hour because they always seem to be waving goodbye as they shout “off to the gym.”